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Q 01: What is the Impact Church Launch Team?
A team of amazing people who feel connected to the vision and heart of Impact Church and who have committed to helping us launch this new life-giving church in the heart of Prince George’s County. We want to build a BIG launch team to work with up until March 2021.

Q 02: Can I be on the Launch Team?
Absolutely! You do not have to commit to church membership to be a part of the Launch Team. We are praying daily for God to bring a passionate, faith-filled, unified group of people together who are committed to seeing people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover their Purpose, and go Make a Difference. YOU could be an answer to those prayers.

Q 03: What will happen between now and March 2021?
Our focus over the next few months is to build our team, introduce them to the culture of Impact Church DMV, and develop the leadership of every person on our team.

Launch Team “Connect Groups” Once-a-week virtual event (for now) that serves as a time of connecting, praying together, some teaching, and fun training in your particular area for serving. For example, the Children’s Ministry team will have their very own virtual meeting and team development time.

Team Night will happen on a once a month schedule where we grow as a team, laugh, talk leadership skills, all the Serve teams will be on this one call to get updates on where we are and find out our next steps in the launch process. As things clear up with COVID-19, we plan on hosting a few Serve Events to serve our community, introduce ourselves to the community, and create opportunities to invite people to check out Impact Church and join our Launch Team.

Q 04: What do we ask of our Launch Team?
First, Prayerfully consider if you are to be a part of our team. After hearing our heart and vision for Impact Church, if you feel connected and ready to commit to the vision, let us know! We cannot wait to get to know you and build with you!

Second, Jump right in! Get ready to serve and ready to build! The best way to get to know others and grow as an individual is by being at Launch Team Connect Group Nights and events.

Third, commit yourself to the process. You’ll get out what you put in and the people who thrive are the ones who make the effort to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a vibrant team and community.

Q 05: Can I invite other people to check out Impact Church?
Of course! We WANT you to share with everyone you think will benefit from this exciting adventure of faith! Have them fill out the form below and our team will get back to them!

Q 06: How can I get more info or join the Launch Team?
Attend the first Virtual Interest Meeting. If you want to talk to Mike & Ann (Pastors), let them know and they will answer any additional questions you might have! We look forward to hearing from you!